Idearoptics is a high-tech enterprise committed to the production, manufacturing, research and development of precision optical devices.

At Idearoptics we provide a complete set of optical solutions from high precision optical components to rigorous mechanical assembly. Our team of experts can design and produce optical devices to meet any challenge.

Our products have numerous applications and are widely used in medical devices, lasers, scientific research instruments, aerospace technology, military equipment and many other areas. We work with many internationally recognized brands to fulfil OEM and retail orders.

Idearoptics is an affiliated workstation of Jilin Province Association of Science and Technology. Our company has been recognized as a leader of innovative technology by Jilin Province.

Idearoptics meets or exceeds many international quality standards including ISO90001 and ROHS certifications.

01. Our Vision

To become the world-wide leading optical solutions provider.



02. Our Mission

To develop optical design and manufacturing solutions

To serve global clients in the imaging, industrial, military, medical and scientific research fields.

To deliver value and expertise to our customers.



03. Expanding Goal

Through dedication and constant innovation we strive to become the leading provider of optical syste

04. Our Value

Innovation: We embrace new ideas as the industry is constantly changing and evolving.

Quality: We import high quality raw materials from countries such as Japan and we are willing to one step further to improve the quality of our products.

Sustainability: We care about the environment and take extensive measures in terms of waste produce and its impact on the environment

Empowerment: Idear Optics is constantly looking for ways for empower our employees and provide growth opportunities.

Diversity: Idear Optics works with clients around the world and we have a diverse workforce.

Fair labor: Idear Optics commits itself to ethical trading and hiring of labor. Workers are all properly insured, fairly-compensated and given a working environment.

Factory Video

Company History

June 1990

Founded in Changchun, China

April 1996

CNC Machining center was established

January 2001

Anodic oxidation center and Ultra clean assembly workshops established.


Expanded to overseas markets including the United States.


Increased product capabilities. Began research, development and sales of telescopic sights.


Began research and development of High-End manual SLR camera, first of it’s kind produced in Mainland China.


Independently developed manual 8mm fisheye, 85mm portrait and super telephoto lenses for mobile phones. OEM production exceeded 50k units, worldwide distribution.

September 2014

Set up new office in Shanghai.


Founded new factory in Changchun, north of High-Tech zone. Began production in March.

October 1992

Became the largest supplier for CIOM and CUST

January 1999

Officially became a supplier for Chinese military products.


Began production, research & development, of converter and Add-on lenses for SLR cameras and video cameras.


Converter lens annual sales exceeded 100,000pcs.


Opened new factory south of Changchun High-Tech zone. Annual income exceeded 50 Million RMB.


Began development of mobile phone Add-On lenses, became the first company to file mobile phone camera patents in China.


Mobile phone camera sales surpassed 20 Million units.

April 2015

Founded new factory in Danyang to produce additional mobile phone lenses and products.