Interference Filters

Infrared light is frequency short wave light with long wavelength beyond the visible light range.All objects can make this light that can be seen by the infrared instrument. We can make the infrared optical components for infrared laser optical products such as 1064nm laser engraving, cutting, welding, drilling machines and infrared imaging system.

Narrowband Filter

A band-pass filter allows a specific wavelength of light through and reflects (or attenuates) the other wavelengths of light away from the optical elements. Provides for the semi-bandwidth of 20nm or less in the general control. Narrow work area can be ultraviolet, visible band, near-infrared, far infrared depending on your application.

Biochemical devices, medical equipment, image recognition, detection sensors, etc.
Material: K9 glass, quartz glass, etc.
Size: Ø10, Ø12.7, Ø15, Ø25.4mm, Ø50mm
Angle of Incidence: 0

Long Wave Pass Filters


Thin plate with long-wave pass coating on one side, the other side is AR coating.
Material: BK7
Transmission: >90%
Blocking: OD3
Incidence Angle: 0℃ or 45℃
Surface Quality: 40-20
Clear Aperture: >90%
Wavelength shift with temperature: <0.25nm/?
Damage threshold: 300MW/cm² CW, 1J/cm² pulsed

Negative Filter


Material: K9
Operating Temperature: -40℃ to +60℃
Blocking at CWL: OD4
Surface Quality: 60-40
Standard wavelength: 488, 532, 632.8
Minimum Size: ∅5mm or 5mm*5mm
Maximum Size: ∅50mm or 50mm*50mm

Near Infrared Filters

Environmental test conditions: Per Mil-STD-810E, Method 507.3
Temperature: -40℃- +60 ℃
Minimum size: Ø5mm or 5mm*5mm
Maximum size: Ø50mm or 55mm*55mm
Surface quality: 60/40 scratch / dig per Mil-O-13830A
Applications: biological detector, infrared receivers, laser scanners, military guidance systems, laser semiconductors, infrared cameras, 1064nm laser, near infrared optical analysis instrument, photon beauty instrument, high-precision optical instruments, CCD detection The excitation microscopy detection, optical instruments, such as fingerprint identification device systems.

Infrared Filters

Allows light with wavelength 3200nm~10000nm through but blocks 200nm-2800nm light, which allows heat to escape from the light source.
These filters are useful for measuring temperature, tracing and monitoring infrared rays. This product is mainly used for temperature sensors, medical devices, skin treatment equipment, Beauty Photonics, and infrared detectors.

Astronomical Observation Filters

Includes UHC, O-III, H-alpha, H-beta, LRGB
These filters are frequently used in astronomic telescopes to help reduce light pollution from cities. Astronomical observation filter are designed to block only certain man-made sources of light which reduces the influence light pollution allowing a better view of the sky.